Consider your Style

  • Interior Trim: Just As Personal As Your Exterior

    Do bold color combinations make your day or ruin your sleep? Do they work their mojo in the kitchen but not in the living room? How symmetrical are you? Does the formal symmetry of the colonial style make you and your home’s heart skip a beat or would you rather be surrounded by the open simplicity of a cool rancher?

    The best part about updating your interior trim is that you get to make and break your own rules. But there are general guidelines and basic logic you can apply to matching your interior trim to your exterior trim and siding. Much of that logic has to do with architectural style and the understated/confident/elegant/whimsical style of your home.

    Here are some ideas for matching interior trim to home styles. Remember that every design element gets to confidently voice itself at the style table, as long as it doesn’t rudely interrupt the other design elements.

    Classic and Neoclassic

    These architectural styles sophisticatedly cry out for window and door casing that says, “Ta-da! I am now presenting the door or window!” The white shade echoes the ancient marble of yore. Pretty ageless, unlike the word “yore.”


    The different degrees of rustic formality that grace this partially Georgian-inspired style throw a reserved embrace around a variety of interior trim styles—including classically proportioned beamed ceilings, crown moulding, wainscoting and base moulding.


    What sort of interior trim matches perfectly with the handcrafted simplicity of this informal style? The kind of window and door casing that is happy just being simple and rectangular. The kind of straightforward base moulding that would rather you didn’t elaborate on it.


    The Victorians were proud of their hopeful ornamentation, and so are the homes that it lives on. Frankly, there isn’t an area of the interior that this style doesn’t invite you to embellish on in your own way. Have an urge to install a carved medallion around a light fixture? Want to work a rosette into your ceiling trim? Go for it.