Understand the Options

  • Get to know some unforgettable trim and moulding characters.

    Interior trim and moulding are not people. We all know that. However, they have an uncanny ability to infuse a room with personality and character—not unlike some of the more interesting family members and friends who adorn your life.

    The more you get to know the elements of interior trim and what makes them unique, the more you’ll realize how capable they are of transforming a room from something you occupy to something that occupies you. Or a potential homebuyer.

    Base Moulding

    This is where all the cool floors and walls meet. A multipurpose superstar, base moulding adds dimension and proportion, covers imperfections between floorboards and walls and protects wall finishes from recklessly driven toy fire engines.

    Door and Window Casing

    A shameless scene stealer, door and window casing literally and figuratively frames these ports of entry and stargazing to give them the visual interest they deserve.

    Char Rails

    Chair rails have a very attractive, if split, personality. Their official function is to keep wall finishes safe from the incessant rhythms of scraping chairs, butting tables and leaning visitors. Their aesthetic role is to give you a comfortably elegant way to break up a formerly boring wall.

    Crown Moulding

    Walls and ceilings are going to meet. It’s inevitable. But must the experience be so abrupt and inelegant? Not at all. Crown moulding softens the crossing of horizontal and vertical planes—and when combined with chair rails and casing it can up the drama of an entire room.

    Ceiling Trim

    Need to break up the journey of a long hallway? Create a focal point for your dining room other than your dining room table? Ceiling trim has a knack for simultaneously adding depth, gravitas, eye candy and brightness to a room. Even while you’re sleeping.