Design Your Home

  • You? A Home Designer? You Bet You Are.

    Here, Regular Joes and Jodys just like you become home design geniuses. Design Your Home is your home base for stepping back and thinking about which design elements work their way into your head, and then your home.

    Think About Design In And Out Of Your Home

    Line And Shape: How do your roof, front door and windows interact with the overall shape of your home? Where do things flow and where do they interrupt each other? Sometimes interrupting is good.

    Texture: Every siding texture feels different. How much depth do you want? Are you going for simplicity? Drama? Dramatic simplicity?

    Space: How are things out there? Is it looking crowded? A bit blank? Perfectly fine if you only had some half rounds? The siding you choose can actually increase the perceived size of your home.

    Color: What parts of your home do you want to warm up or calm down? What about both at the same time? Think about it.