Know the Basics

  • Learn The Abcs Of Siding Profiles, Colors And Textures.

    While perhaps not as moving as a real-life dream marriage, when the right siding meets a compatible home style the finished product can be stunning—in a good way. Before the beautiful happens, it’s important to look at a few major siding types and styles, and think about how they relate to your home’s architecture and shape. Nothing personal, but what size is your porch? How steep are your gables?

      Cover your siding search in three main categories:

    • Traditional siding is where great looks and low maintenance harmoniously live together. Styles such as clapboard, beaded and Dutchlap bring the quaint to Cape Cods and Colonials.
    • Insulated siding adds energy efficiency, UV resistance and colorfast fade resistance to the aesthetically pleasing side of things. Think high R-value plus “Look at me” value.
    • Shake & shingles siding gives you through-the-roof curb appeal and looks perfectly at home on a variety of rustic-style architecture such as Cottage and Victorian.

    You can feel the impact of siding by sight. (“Hey, killer clapboard!”) You can feel it in the quality of your weekends. (“Hey, I’ve never seen you stain your shingles!”) For more on how siding can affect your home and your life, visit our Impact of Siding section.

    See how closely home, siding, trim and color relate to each other. Our style education page also gives you a very exciting chart to look forward to!