Customer Tips & Tools

  • Apply what’s in a homeowner’s head to their home.

    While not quite as life changing as the choice of a home, deciding on a home exterior can be a very confusing and intimidating process for homeowners. They’re eager, excited and various degrees of nervous.

    When it comes to siding, homeowners don’t necessarily think in neat categories like traditional and shake. They dream big and passionately—of things like neighborhood pride, curb appeal and family life. So talk to them the way they dream.

    Use Royal business tools to translate your building and planning experience into something that inspires rather than overwhelms. Once you’ve helped the homeowner focus on a particular siding look, use our HomePlay tool to show them how that siding or siding family will transform their home. Instant wow.

    Bring home the siding to your customers.

    Learn to speak fluent homeowner.

    Replace logical contractor terms with more emotional design language to spark the conversation. After all, specs and profile variations are just the means to the end.

    Get out more.

    Take your customers around the neighborhood and take their pulse on which home exteriors appeal to them and why.

    Pre-meet your customers.

    Prep them with links to Royal siding products that you think are particularly impressive. Let them pre-play with our HomePlay and Color Combinations web pages to generate focused questions and really whet their appetite.

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